How to stop squirrels damaging trees

If you have tree or fruit plants into your home, then you must be facing squirrels issues as they like to stay on the tree to eat veggies, fruits. They not only damage the fruit, but they also destroy the trees and their barks and stem through. They will also destroy the small trees by digging a hole to hide food and in search of food. You may be tired of them, but you are not allowed to kill them, as they are protected by the united state law. They only condition to kill them is you should have a hunting license.

Why do squirrels not leave the tree alone?

Squirrels like to bend the thin-bark as it is easy to bend as compare to thick-bark. They can also use this bark to make the nest. Bark removal exposes the layer that is responsible for holding the tree nutrients. And this layer is tasty stuff for the v to eat. They mostly like to eat this layer when there is another food shortage, especially in the early spring and winter season. The other reason to chew the bark of the tree is it helps them to keep their teeth active and fit.

What will happen with a damaged tree?

The amount of tree damage is based on the health of the tree. A healthy tree may not get affected by some pieces of missing bark, but a young and thin tree may suffer from it. If the bark is removed from all the way, then the tree needs your special attention. You should pay extra attention in the winter season and can spray a deterrent that can help to repel the squirrels. You can also use noise deterrents to scare the squirrels. Although each species have different characteristics, and there should be different repellent and remedies to deter them, some of them are given below.

Use of tree guards to protect from squirrels

For this task, you will measure the circumference of the tree with the help of measuring tape. Now take a 2 feet metal sheet; it should be according to the tree circumference. Add holes in the side of the sheet from every corner. The hole should be ½ inch inside the metal. Now place this metal sheet around the tree trunk. It should be 6-8 meters above from the ground level. Now secure the top corner of the sheet through the opposing corner; by doing this, it will look like folding protection around the tree. Do not worries about the tree growth the hook of the metal will allow growing the tree normally. It will just prevent the tree from squirrel’s damage.

What else can you do to stop the squirrels?

It is very difficult to repel them on a permanent basis. The people that used deterrents they effective for a limited time once they expired, squirrels will come back to eat the bark and to damage the tree. It may be illegal to trap squirrels, so in this situation, you should contact wildlife professional for the squirrel's removal.

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